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PWD Scam: Fact Shows Arvind Kejriwal Involvement in Corruption

Posted on: 12 May, 2017 Tags   Arvind Kejriwal corruption Scam

DelhionWeb: 12 May, 2017, After the irrefutable investigation of India Today's expose of potential corruption and brother nepotism in the Delhi government, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's Aam Aadmi Party is in the forefront of the denial. The ruling AAP tried to cut Kanye publicly with the exposure made on Wednesday. The exposition on which the Chief Minister's late relative Surendra Kumar Bansal Although official documents show that privately, Kejriwal's administration was aware of Bansal's inability to carry out the Civic projects themselves.

An internal report dated from INDIA TODAY shows how the Public Works Department (PWD) itself had red flagged the work of Bansal-owned company Renu Construction. The notes sent by the top engineers of PWD blown away the clean chit of AAP, which was given to the Bansal company in the Bakoli drain scam.

There are documents in the reach of INDIA TODAY, which show that the engineers had raised grave questions over a project undertaken by Renu Construction in Jahangirpuri last year. The contract was related to the reconstruction of a canal in the area, which had to be completed within 6 months of completion of February 2017.

PWD's internal report can be read- 'Work was started on behalf of Renu Construction. On its continuation, some part of the blame was rejected when it came to hold and the agency was informed about it. This part of the fault is yet to be cured. The estimated end date for the work was 7 February 2017. So far, 65 per cent of work has been completed. The work is still going on.

It has been emphasized in the note that the company of Surendra Kumar Bansal had failed to complete the Drainage project in time earlier this year. In connection with this contract worth Rs 1.59 crore, engineers had identified several shortcomings.

According to another deadly feedback on Renu Construction, PWD experts have indicated that the company did not start the work of another contract even after sending three formal reminder. Documents show that a show-cause notice was also issued for delayed construction of Renu Construction. According to the document, 'Renu Construction did not start work, hence a show-cause notice was issued on 9th January. It was asked to start work within 7 days. But Renu Construction did not give any answer nor started work on the site.

Meanwhile, Anti-Corruption Officers raided the PWD office in North West Delhi on Thursday. This action took place a day after the story was shown on INDIA TODAY on the suspected fake encounter of Bansal in Bakoli village, which took place from National Highway 44.

Troubled by the India Today Network, AAP activists vexed INDIA TODAY team members on the Election Commission on Thursday. Pressure has increased after the telecast of the story on suspicious brother-nepheism and corruption on AAP, already surrounded by problems. Both the Congress and the BJP have done a tough fight against the Delhi Government. Also, the demand for investigation of the scam involving Satyendra Jain's PWD department and the name of the late relative of Kejriwal is connected. 

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