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Delhi Government Started Campaign against Adulterated Sweets


DelhionWeb: 27 Oct, 2016, Delhi government has launched a campaign against adulterated sweets. Diwali, the most sold in the markets Khoa, cheese and dessert made of milk, the government to watch regular toll-free helpline number is released. On HelpLine you can complain against adulterated food & sweets.

Government online and toll-free help line for grievance CFSS.DELHI@NIC.IN 1800-11-3921 mail ID issued from Delhi differently adulterated ones are advised to check things.

1. Avoid dark dessert.

2. Check the leaf silver leaf dessert can be mashed by hand. Genuine rubbing strip is destroyed, does not break down the aluminum leaf.

3. Before buying sweets View mold Sungen before buying.

4. Make sure the packing of foods before purchasing shopkeeper while wearing gloves or not.

5. The expiry date before buying the same food Catch.

6. According to government Khoa, cheese and milk are mixed starch. The iodine test can be sampled. The sample is mixed with water boiled, then cooled to 2 drops of iodine are added. If blue is the color of starch is mixed.

7. Pistachios pieces of filter paper soaked in synthetic color check is pressing on.

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