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Delhi Government Issued Health Advisory for Bird Flu

Posted on: 26 Oct, 2016 Tags   Dengu Chikunginia Bird Flu Health Advisory for Bird Flu

DelhionWeb: 26 Oct, 2016, The death of 64 birds in the nation's capital have increased the risk of bird flu. 7 dead birds positive for the virus in chicken and eggs after the Delhi government has issued a health advisory. In this advisory have been told not to eat undercooked chicken and eggs.

By now the chicken is safe to eat chicken, which claims the government is appealing Careful now. Minister Gopal Rai issued an advisory to eat chicken and eggs, spoke of precaution. Currently, in order to avoid the threat of bird flu is very important to know what to do with that chicken should be exercised precaution.

According to the advisory

1. Avoid direct contact with birds

2. Clean bird cages and everyday utensils

3. The right way to dispose of waste meat

4. Do not touch dead birds by hand

5. Give dead birds information on 23,890,318

6. Wear gloves and masks when working with chicken products

7. Eat meat cooked at a temperature of 100 degrees

8. Do not eat raw or half cooked chicken or the egg

9. Take care of cleaning

Gopal Rai said the deer park and the zoo back in the beautiful city of bird deaths sample report has said. The report H 5, N 8 virus has been found. Last 3 days has died of bird in the zoo. Deer Park today only 2 bird deaths have been reported. Anti-virus campaign is being run. The situation is brought under control. If the DDA administration alert then Deer Park Things are not bad.

Gopal Rai further said that the water body some necessary instructions have been issued to the park. 4 feet wide on four sides of water bodies have been instructed to spread lime. Sodium hypo chloride sprayed on the birds are directed to. Furthermore, where the birds would follow, the anti-virus medicines in food will be cast. At the same time, 12 Rapid Response Team has been formed. On Tuesday at 11 am at the office of the Department of Animal Husbandry will be training them, then they will be put to work.

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